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Saints God wants me to share with you what He has spoken to me over the last few weeks, which was about getting “our ducks in a row.” For weeks, God has had me make certain decisions and planning for our ministry work and more, for this coming season, as I constantly tell Rich we are getting our ducks in a row. Rich has had confirmation, as he has heard some commercial talking about getting our ducks in a row. God showed me that His blessings were coming in and has been telling me to prepare for it, by leaning on Him and doing all that He asks of me to be ready. I am reminded of how Abraham demonstrated this by taking a risk and leaving his own country to find a country whose builder and maker was God. He did what God told him and put his ducks in a row. Getting your ducks in a row has two meanings, in “getting your facts straight,” and “getting organized.” Therefore, the facts God is having us get straight is the truth of His Word, by overcoming present strongholds of the enemy! Rejoice in these trials, knowing that God is having you get your ducks in a row! I have been telling Rich for weeks we are getting our ducks in a row, when last week I saw a personalized tag of “DUCKKEY,” representing the key to us entering into this season is the Truth of God’s Word, and us doing entirely what He has called us to do! God wanted me to share this with others so that they too would be blessed by this, and know what the Spirit of God is saying! God bless! Robin Kirby Gatto *************** Your present battle is NOT what you think; it is that which wages war within your mind against the Word of God. Presently that stronghold is being exposed so that you will know that which you are wrestling against, as you take that thought captive and make it bow unto Christ Jesus, causing your obedience to come to fruition, as you OVERCOME!!!! The war without is the evidence of the war that is taking place on the inside of your soul. Your breakthrough is not the need for more provision or healing; your breakthrough is the need to PROSPER IN YOUR SOUL!!!!! 2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers. 3 John 1:2 Amp Do not be distracted nor anxious for what your are presently, experiencing, and know that God is causing you to fully surrender in trusting Him!!! Be at peace and know that God will guide you into all truth, as you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, knowing that He is faithful to deliver to the uttermost!!! God bless! Robin Kirby Gatto
Last night I had a dream with both the University of Alabama and the University of South Carolina. In the beginning it was as though the two football teams were going to play against each other. Then the dreamed turned to REVIVAL breaking out amongst them, as they fellowshipped in the same place. Students from South Carolina had come to Alabama and when they met together, they had radical revival. It was so awesome; God had me preaching at one part of the revival and I could see students all over the place holding their hands up and worshipping God! In the dream, a young lady from the University South Carolina was pointing out the Alma Mater and saying that the stanzas at the bottom of the song shall be first. Here are the two Stanzas at the bottom of their song!!! “Generations of sons have rejoiced to proclaim Thy watchword of service, thy beauty and fame; For ages to come shall their rallying cry be: Here’s a health, Carolina, forever to thee! Fair shrine of high honor and truth, thou shalt still Blaze forth as a beacon, thy mission fulfill, And crowned by all hearts in a new jubilee: Here’s a health, Carolina, forever to thee!” All I could see where watchmen who are servants as in Matthew 24 and 25 and they would be shining like a beacon of truth celebrating JUBILEE!!! Then the students from South Carolina went back to their state and revival was taking place all over their campus! I truly believe that God is going to visit college campuses in greater measure!!!!! Do it God!!!!! God bless! Robin Kirby-Gatto
I hear the Father saying: This is a set time of favor for My servants, who have sought me with all their heart, mind and soul, knowing that I Am the God that desires to draw near to those who seek My face! The generation who seeks My face and delights in Me, will see an outpouring of My righteousness from the Lord God of their salvation, knowing the power of My truth that comes from the Kingdom of Heaven, making known my glorious nature and plans in this earth, as many turn to see the love with which I have loved My Son, shining forth as lights in the darkness, revealing the evidence of Christ's love in this earth, as they see a love beyond comprehension revealed, covering a multitude of sin. I Am the God of mercy and grace, revealing the power of My strength that feeds the soul the abundance of My truth, bringing My wisdom and knowledge, opening the eyes of the heart, giving forth the grace of My revelation, to know the glory of My nature, as revealed through My Son, Jesus Christ, Who has known Me and interpreted Me in truth. I Am the God Who redeems the time, giving strength and power to My people, where Living Waters will spring forth from their belly, as they know the God of restoration and reconciliation, Who gives hope in times of despair, to cause Many to know My Name and the power of My promise, which is yes and Amen! I Am the God Who opens doors that no man can shut and shuts doors that no man can open, causing my people to move into a new season, removing the hindrances of the enemy that has been in the way, as I give you grace and discernment with My Word of Truth to know that which is in your midst presently, as you come to know those who are righteous and those who are cloaked as ministers of righteousness but are a messenger of satan sent to buffet My people. You will be alert to the fiery darts of the enemy, as I cause your eyes to be opened to truth, giving you discernment through My Word and by My Spirit, so that you know those whom I have sent to be around you and those who are assignments of the enemy. I tell you to love your enemy and to know that I will work all things to your good, as I give you grace in the character of My Son, to shine forth My Light of truth, knowing that the greatest strength that you have given, is the strength of My Love! Be at peace and know that I Am moving quickly, as I Am sending angels to do My bidding, ministering to My ministers and saints, those who are to inherit the Kingdom, giving great aide on the behalf of My set apart ones, who are drawing near to Me, looking for Wisdom and the power of My grace! God bless! Robin Kirby Gatto

Copyright 2011, Robin Kirby Gatto