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I hear the Father saying: Do you not see that which I have been showing you, as I have revealed the strategies of heaven to you against the powers of darkness? I have given you wisdom and this you must trust, not leaning on your own understanding. Simply acknowledge Me in all your ways and know that I am directing your path. I am leading you through the narrow way on the path of righteousness, where you have felt the pressing in this season, knowing that with Me you can do all things. I have reached out to you with My mighty right arm to bring you strength and justice, as you see the dung of the enemy that has been flung against you, causing you to feel overwhelmed with what I have called you to do. Do you not know that I Am greater than all you face and that I still sit on the throne providing My counsel to all who would draw near to Me. Do not be dismayed with your circumstances for I tell you truly I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I Am the God of Israel and I your God will comfort you and bring you into a place of truth and victory you have not known! I will make the crooked paths straight and raise up the valley you have been in, to cause you to walk on the heights of My mountain, where you have found Me in the power of My Love, as you have fellowshipped in Christ's sufferings. I have not released My grip on you. You have not failed Me, nor have you brought Me disappointment; I knew that which you have need to know, of your own heart, and the trial you have endured over the last two years is to cause you to know your present need of Me. As you have gone lower My child, I will now exalt you, lifting you on the great heights as the Rose of Sharon, filling you with great grace and mercy, as you overflow in the abundance of My hope and truth to see nations come to the brightness of your rising! I will give you wisdom in this hour, causing you to see the supply of My power made known in your midst, as you obtain a greater anointing of virtue in the Character of My Son, to see My holiness and truth made known. Do not back down, nor shrink from what I have called you to do, simply know that My grace is greater, as it was for Paul when he cried out for Me to remove the thorn. As i delivered him into the greatness of My grace, so surely I will do for you that which I have promised! GLORY TO GOD! AMEN AND AMEN! GOD BLESS! Robin Kirby Gatto
I hear the Father saying: To those of you whom are My apostles, I am bringing to light that which has been planted by the enemy against you. I am causing you to recognize a greater anointing of My Strength that will cause you to rally together corporately in a greater anointing with My truth to pull down ruling powers and principalities that have been at work against the nations. There is a conspiracy in the nations and it will be exposed, so that My truth will be made known and the power of the Light of My grace will bring many out of captivity and into My marvelous light. I Am exposing underground rings of darkness that have been planted to destroy many and I will bring that thing which is hidden out of hiding and all will see the display of My mighty power as I overthrow the powers of darkness. I Am shaking the nations and the heavens once more as I remove the dross of impurity that has been in My church and I will cause My church to rise up in the power of My authority such as has not been seen in the earth, as the knowledge of My glory covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. I will wake you up My spotless bride as you have been prepared in the garments of righteousness, seeing a greater grace for the lost and desiring the prayer I have put in your heart, as it comes in a greater grace upon your life, quickening you in travail and in My mighty power to see heaven manifest on earth. Be not dismayed My prophets for you have been in a place of hiding as Elijah because of the attacks that have come against you of Jezebel, but as I sent Elijah to that place of hiding at Mount Horeb, so I sent you so that you would become very jealous for My covenant and My people, seeing that they will rise up in the strength of My Name Jealous, which I have given you! You are not overlooked My Pastors for I tell you that you have known shepherding as the Good Shepherd in measure. You have been overwhelmed and feeling like you failed, but I tell you truly I was showing you the need of strength for which I am bringing to you this hour and you will rise up in My truth and see deliverance come speedily to your congregation as they are set free from that which has held them down. My evangelists who have been weary, I am bringing a new anointing to you in this hour, where you will know a zealousness of My mighty power and I will deliver it quickly, opening up doors to nations that you might go through and see the judgment of My strength delivered against the powers of darkness and the harvest come in! My teachers I tell you truly that you have been tried and tested in great faith in the Word, which you have taught. Do not give up or back down from what I have called you to, for I am listening to your heart like I did Hannah and know that you have dealt with Eli, the pride of life that operated through others against My Word, and I am bringing judgment on those whom have dealt treacherously with you. Rise up My church and know that My power is coming quickly. Prepare as you prepare for battle, knowing My glory and My grace will be made known in this hour, as I deliver My Holy Fire upon the altar of the hearts of man! RISE UP! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!! GOD BLESS! Robin Kirby Gatto
I hear the Father saying, You are coming to a place of GREAT SURRENDER, and you will know the power of My Love as you have not known before this time. I will cause the power of My grace to overtake you and fill you thoroughly like a cup to the brim and you will spill over as you enter a time of overflow, knowing the overflowing grace I have supplied to you each and every day. As I open your eyes to see, you will know mercy and truth as never before, becoming a walking mercy seat to all who will draw near to see My Son. I will bring a greater healing anointing upon you through My gift of healing in this hour, as the richness of grace and faith is supplied to you, to rise up in My mighty power and see miraculous power as the lame are healed, the sick are cured! I will be made known in this hour and reveal My strength and glory mightily in the earth. It is in the place of praise that you have drawn near to me, even in great difficulty, as you have pressed through like the woman with the issue of blood who reached for My Son, and I will cause your desperation to turn into determination and you will know My virtue and the power of My glory, as I reveal the Character of My Son! You have longed for that which you did not know, which is to walk in the Character of Christ, and this I love about you My child; you could have anything and you have asked for that which I long most to give you! Because you have not asked for the riches of this earth but have asked for the riches of the treasury of heaven, I am opening up greater mysteries and secret counsels that will be given to you by My Spirit, and the angelic host that will do My bidding, for My glory in this hour around you, are preparing for the greatest revival, as the knowledge of My Glory covers the earth as the waters cover the sea! You have been drawn to Me in a depth you have not known and it is because I have reached areas in you of which you have not known, deep in your soul, to be made known to you in the place of great surrender. It is this great surrender that I delight in and I tell you, I will deliver your sons and daughters, I will deliver those who are dear and they will know a greater freedom than ever before because of the great surrender of your soul!!!! I delight in your soul and it is in this place I Am making Myself known in a greater richness of faith revealing the nature of My Glory!! You will be amazed and wonder in a depth you have not known as you worship Me in spirit and truth. I will give you dreams and visions about My harvest and will use you mightily for that which is to come! I tell you many of you will go out to the highways and byways to bring the lame, blind and sick to My table! The Bridegroom is preparing for My house to be filled, as the light of grace shines brighter in this hour! Greater is the glory of the latter house than the former and it is the hour for My glory! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robin Kirby Gatto

Copyright 2011, Robin Kirby Gatto