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I hear the Father saying: Rest in Me, knowing that I Am the all Faithful One, displaying the power of My glory to nations, as I draw many to My Son. I will rectify what the enemy has done to you and your family, as I draw those who are lost and in the midst of confusion, out of the pit of darkness into My marvelous light Know surely that I Am a Good God and all that I create is good, it is the enemy who steals, kills and destroys, that tries to profane the nature of Who I Am. I Am a God that brings you into more than enough, causing you to be lifted from the ash heap, sitting you in a throne of glory, fit for nobility! I tell you that your beggar season has ended and you are entering the time of plenty, the time of overflow, and you will see the reaper overtake the harvester! My abundance and grace of miracles and power are showing up in this season, to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons, to set the oppressed free, where revival will be poured out across the land, as the Knowledge of My Glory is made known to all who will have eyes to see and ears to hear! I Am casting out the deaf and dumb spirit that has hindered My church, and I Am delivering many from the deception of the wiles of the devil in this hour, as I remove scales off of their eyes, causing them to see the unclean and profane things that have deceived them. Know that I Am a God of recompense and that I pay My laborers well; I Am recompensing many in this hour, who have labored in My vineyards not looking for the reward of this earth, but looking for the rewards of Heaven! I tell you that you have not left houses and given up things of this earth in this lifetime, without being recompensed for your works of faith, that have proven and tried the gift that is within you to purify it with life giving power, so that you can walk in the GREATER ANOINTING! This is the hour of the greater anointing, as I release My angelic hosts, who will watch over the areas in which I have determined to pour out My Spirit and reveal the power of My praise, as My courts are revealed to those who can see, where the power of My Spirit will show you great and mighty things to come, things that are fenced in and hidden and I will show you that which is to come in mighty power, as I visit My people! I Am removing the angry watchmen, the false prophets and false teachers, as well as those who call themselves apostles and are not, from the pulpit so that they will not feed My sheep with their lies and hypocrisy, as I reveal the fruit of the wolves who have been devouring my sheep, careless in all that they do, as they seek their own gain and not that of My Son, which is to be meek and gentle, guiding My sheep into the good pasture, which I have promised! This hour is a time of great divide and great shifting, as I cause my people to be overcome with a greater anointing, a greater grace and a greater power than they have known, giving them great confidence to prophesy, pray and preach the power of My truth so that the Light of My Son shines in the darkness!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!! AMEN AND AMEN! Robin Kirby Gatto
I hear the Father saying: Be at ease My child, knowing that My peace rules your heart and surpasses your understanding. Do not be given over to the cares that would try and ensnare your heart and mind, but rather be given over to knowing My Love and being a student of My truth, knowing that the nature of My Love will be revealed in you. Do not look at the faces of man, nor try and seek to understand or change the opinions of others, for their hearts are in my keeping, as I deal justly and righteously, causing them to see the things which they do not know, as I have with you. Give yourself fully to Me, seeking Me in great diligence, as I cover your heart and mind in such salvation of truth, causing you to be filled with abundant joy, and abide in My perfect peace, as My voice resonates in your soul, causing the standing grain harvest of My Kingdom to be made known to you. Know that I am moving quickly on your behalf, although you might not recognize my plans, understand that My ways are higher than your ways, and I will do exceedingly, abundantly, above what you can think or imagine, causing you to walk in the victory of My promises for you, which are yes and Amen! I will fill your heart with laughter and the sweetness of My delight, as I cause you to delight all the more in My desires for your life, seeing those around you come unto My marvelous light, as I bring many out of darkness, revealing the nature of My Son, Jesus Christ. Hang onto the Words, which I have spoken in the night season, giving you dreams and knowledge to the purposes I have for you, bringing them forth as I deliver and heal you, filling you with an overflow of My Love. God bless! Amen and Amen! Robin Kirby Gatto
I pray you come to know the fullness of the Mind of Christ, knowing the thoughts and intentions of the Father’s heart, as you enter a greater revealing of the knowledge of His glory, causing you to know the power of the Kingdom of Heaven! In Jesus’ Name! I pray you come to know the riches of the treasures of Truth hidden in the revealing of Christ Jesus, through the testing of your faith, causing your faith to rise up in greater authority and righteousness, to wage war against the powers of darkness! In Jesus’ Name! I pray you come to know fully God’s love towards you, giving you the gift of Grace all throughout your soul, as you recognize the King of Glory, the LORD strong and Mighty in Battle, THE LORD OF HOSTS! In Jesus’ Name! I pray you are lifted up in God’s mighty strength, and your face is made strong, by the power of Holy Spirit, Who has marked you for the Father, being a chosen and appointed vessel of Glory, as your forehead is made strong so the opinions and stares of others, will not be experienced nor seen by you! In Jesus’ Name! I declare every prison bar of rejection is removed from your soul, as you come to know that you are accepted in the Beloved, knowing the Father’s love towards you, giving you a hope and promise! In Jesus’ Name! GOD BLESS! Robin Kirby-Gatto

Copyright 2011, Robin Kirby Gatto